Computer Backup

The College makes licenses for CRASHPLAN, a software for automatically backing up your documents and data files to the cloud, available to CLA faculty and staff.  OIT has a good 'frequently asked' questions document about CRASHPLAN.

After reading this document, please let me know if you are interested in a license.

This offer is especially relevant now as central OIT is no longer allowing 'folder redirection on your Windows desktop - meaning that your files cannot be automatically copied from your local "Documents' folder on your desktop to the network  H drive anymore.  The H drive is not going away and will continue to be accessible on campus and remotely;  it is just 'folder redirection' that is going away. A handful of Psychology staff and faculty received an email from OIT regarding folder redirection recently;  if you got such an email, consider looking into CRASHPLAN to cover your document/data backup needs. Or if you have just been meaning to 'do better' at backing up your data, consider CRASHPLAN.