Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Resources

This webpage includes resources to support graduate students, staff, and faculty in conducting research.

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Psychological research has historically centered on Whiteness in its theories, methods, and research paradigms. We are all accountable for prioritizing inclusive and antiracist praxis as scholars. As a starting point for our collective unlearning and learning, we have curated a set of free resources - the IDEA in Research Resource List - to incorporate IDEA into psychological research. For each topic, we selected up to three resources to get you started and a few others for additional exploration. The topics and resources are listed alphabetically and they range in their level of detail and time commitment. To facilitate your review, each resource has a “commitment rating,” defined as:

  • Quick Read: Review in approximately 15 minutes or less, and can be fit into short breaks throughout the day.
  • Lunch Break: Might take up to an hour to digest.
  • Deep Dive: A comprehensive website, book, or collection of other resources that warrant over an hour to fully review.

Research Checklist

IDEA principles are paramount throughout the research life cycle. This Research Checklist will help you start critically reflecting on and transforming your research to ultimately conduct better science. It is important to emphasize that this checklist is designed to summarize components of a broader praxis that requires continuous unlearning and learning. 

Research Literature

We have curated a collection of peer-reviewed articles and books related to IDEA in psychological research - IDEA in the Psychological Sciences: Relevant Literature. The topics are ordered alphabetically. If you have a reference or topic to add to this list, please contact Holley Locher (

APA Division 2 (The Society for Teaching of Psychology) also has a list of books, chapters, and journal articles on integrating diversity into psychology research.

APA Multicultural Guidelines

Distilled in this APA Multicultural Guidelines document are the 10 fundamental guidelines from the American Psychological Association's Multicultural Guidelines: An Ecological Approach to Context, Identity, and Intersectionality. Here, client is a general term that can refer to an individual receiving therapeutic services, a research participant, student, etc. The document text is taken directly from the guidelines, and all credit is given to the authors of these guidelines. Please see the full guidelines for references and more information.

APA Race and Ethnicity Guidelines

Distilled in this APA Race and Ethnicity Guidelines document are the American Psychological Association's Guidelines for psychological research, teaching, and practice in relation to race and ethnicity. The text is taken from the guidelines, and all credit is given to the authors of these guidelines. Please see the full guidelines for references and more information.

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