This page offers a brief overview of key aspects of graduate student registration processes. See the Graduate Student Handbook for additional information and details.

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  • Students must register for at least 6 credits (or one credit of PSY 8444 if eligible) to maintain full-time status.
  • While supported by guaranteed funding (e.g. TA, RA, fellowship), students receive the following tuition benefits:
    • 6-14 credits: coursework and thesis credit years.
    • 1 credit (typically PSY 8444, a one-credit, full-time-equivalency registration): after coursework, prelims, and thesis credits are complete. 
    • Any additional credits will be charged to the student.
  • How to register and registration rules.
  • Add/drop deadlines and registration times.
  • Special registration categories for graduate students (e.g. PSY 8888, PSY 8777, PSY 8444, GRAD 999). 


Submit the following forms to the ADGS with your advisor’s signature provided on the form.  Please allow at minimum 3-5 business days for processing and plan accordingly to ensure you meet registration deadlines.

  • CLA Graduate Student/Faculty Contract: Complete this form to enroll in PSY 8993 (check the “IND” box to indicate independent study).
    • Note: International students registering for PSY 8993 for CPT must first work with ISSS on steps 1-3 of Applying for CPT. As part of step 4, you will receive guidance from ISSS on the number of credits and appropriate semester to register for PSY 8993. 
  • GRAD 999 Registration Request: Required each semester you intend to enroll in GRAD 999. 
  • PSY 8444 Registration Request: Required each semester you intend to enroll in PSY 8444.

Other common registration forms:

Permission Numbers

Some courses require a permission number, which the student must enter when adding the course to their enrollment. The course may be set up to require a permission number from all students who register for it, or only from students who do not meet course prerequisites. The permission number indicates to the system that the student has the instructor's approval to register.

Permission numbers are distributed as follows: 

  • PSY 5993: Request a permission number by emailing Heidi Wolff. Either the student or the advisor may email the request, but Heidi needs written advisor approval to proceed. If it's the student emailing Heidi, they may either attach or forward an email that shows their advisor's approval, or they may copy their advisor and ask them to reply to Heidi with their approval.
  • PSY 8993: Students should send their CLA Graduate Student/Faculty Contract with student and advisor signatures to Hope Savaria (GPSES) to receive a permission number. International students pursuing CPT should first complete steps 1-3 of the ISSS CPT application process. As part of Step 4, the ISSS advisor will identify the number of credits and semester for the PSY 8993 credit(s) that need to be included on the contract.
  • For all other courses that require a permission number to register, students should request the number directly from the instructor. Either the instructor or a staff member will email the student the number (depending on the instructor's arrangement for managing their course's numbers). Information for instructors is available on the Registration Permission Numbers page.

Note: Some areas email registration instructions to students that may include permission numbers. Students in these areas should consult that information prior to enrolling or contacting instructors to request permission numbers.

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