The syllabus is the centerpiece of your course material. Update and review your expectations, the class schedule, policies, grading scheme, course resources, and expectations. 

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This database provides psychology course syllabi from recent semesters (mostly undergraduate courses) instructors agreed to share. Please contact the instructor directly for any questions.


  • UMN College of Liberal Arts Syllabus Template
  • Recommended Fall 2022 Syllabus Language
    • This recommended syllabus language was developed by the members of the Faculty Senate Consultative Committee (FCC) and the Senate Committee on Educational Policy, in collaboration with the Provost’s office. It reflects the current University policy as of August 15, 2022.
  • The language is designed to be customized for the particulars of a course offering.
  • Faculty and instructors may choose to use any, some, or none of this language in their syllabi, and to customize based on their pedagogical practices.


Christina Wiencke
Associate Director of Curriculum & Instruction
S257 EltH | 626-1732
Heidi Wolff
Curriculum and Graduate Services Specialist
S258 EltH | 624-5002
Silke Moeller
Academic Technologist
N211 EltH | 625-0644
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