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CSPR Handbook
A guide to the CSPR Area.

Practicum Handbook
A guide to clinical practica and practicum sites.

CSPR Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Website
A website created by the CSPR Program's student-led Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEIC), which aims to promote DEI principles throughout all areas of clinical psychology training. The website was curated to house information about the committee's actions as well as a variety of resources.

University & Community Resource Guide
A guide to University and community services at the University of Minnesota.

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Clinical Science and Psychopathology Research Calendar
Program dates, deadlines, and events.

Current Course Syllabi

PSY 8603: Clinical Seminar Series Syllabus (Previously 8613 and 8960)
This annually updated syllabus includes instructor contact information and speaker presentation dates. 

PSY 8620: Clinical Psychology Practicum Syllabus
This syllabus includes instructor contact information and mandatory meeting dates. It is updated every semester.


David T. Lykken Travel Award Application
Available to any APCS student who is the first author on a paper and is attending a conference to present at the meeting.

Students can apply for up to $1,250 towards the cost of travel and/or fees incurred attending the conference. Additionally, students can apply to this fund more than once a year. If awarded, the fellowship is funded on top of any other funding the student may receive.

All application materials should be sent to the CSPR Program Specialist, Darian Schwietz, at Elliott N420 or

Norman and Edith Garmezy Fellowship Application
Each year the Norman and Edith Garmezy Fellowship is awarded to an APCS student based on a record of excellence in psychological clinical science. This award is for approximately $2500 and may not be received more than once.

Applications may be submitted November 1st, 2023 through November 22nd, 2023.

Course Registration and Permission Numbers

Course Registration
For a list of courses that you are required to register for, please see the CSPR Handbook

Permission Numbers
Some courses may require a permission number in order to register. If you need a permission number, please see the linked document for contact information

  • Note: Permission numbers are individualized for each student and can only be used once. Please do not share your permission number with any other students.


For the administrative steps that you need to take for each milestone (E.g. MA Thesis, Prelim Written Exam, Final Oral Exam, etc.), please see "Degree Requirements of the Clinical Program", our "PhD Progress Checklist", or our "APCS Track Timeline" within the CSPR Handbook

Progress Evaluations

Annual Progress Evaluation Form
As of Spring 2019, we are now utilizing a new cumulative process for your annual review.  Each student will have a Google Drive folder shared with them entitled “Last Name Annual Review”.

Mid-Year Progress Report
Used to evaluate a student's progress throughout their first year in the CSPR program.

Student Status Update
Utilized during the time to mid-year progress reports to update the Clinical Office about the progress of CSPR students who are beyond their first year in the program. 


Practicum Request and Evaluation Procedure
Note: The Practicum Requests steps in the document (linked above) must be completed for each site that a student is planning on working at during a given semester. At the end of each semester, practicum evaluations for each request (i.e. PSY 8614, PSY 8615, PSY 8616, PSY 8619, and PSY 8620) will be collected.

Immunizations: To protect the health of its patients and employees, some practicum sites may require students to provide a verification of your immunizations. To comply with this requirement, please complete the Immunization Form.

Practicum Evaluation Form
Every term, this is completed by site supervisors to evaluate their student's performance at their practicum site. Beginning Spring 2023, this form will be completed by supervisors online using our new Practicum Request and Evaluation Platform.

Previous Practicum Site Trainees
Some CSPR students have chosen to release their name, email, and amount of time (years) that they have worked at some practicum sites. If any CSPR student has a specific question about a practicum site that they feel could be better answered by a previous practicum student, instead of a supervisor, please use this contact list.

  • Note: To view this database, you must log in with your Internet ID.

Practicum Site Experience Responses
Used by active students to learn more about experiences at particular practicum sites. If you would like to add information about your experience at a particular practicum site, please add your experience

  • Note: For student privacy reasons (FERPA), all responses must be anonymous. To view the responses, you must log in with your Internet ID.

Sample Cover Letters and CVs
Some practicum sites require students to submit a copy of their CV and/or cover letter when they apply to practica. To assist you in developing these materials, some CSPR students have chosen to release copies of their CV or cover letter for you to reference.

  • Note: To view this material, you must log in with your Internet ID.


APPIC Directory
The online APPIC directory of internship programs. To use it, select internship under 'Program Type' and enter your search terms in the fields provided. Each entry for internship programs in the directory includes useful information -- including minimum required clinical hours.

Sharing Internship Application Documents
If you would like to share your internship application essays and cover letter(s) with future CSPR cohorts, please upload those files here.

  • To View Shared Internship Application Documents: Contact the Program Specialist to gain access to the file.
  • Note: To view the documents, you must log in with your Internet ID.

Previous Internship Site Matches
For a list of internship sites that students have previously matched to, please click the link above.

Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses of Internship Sites
Gives students information about the perceived strengths and weaknesses of internship sites that students have previously applied to or interviewed/worked at.

Navigating the Internship Application Process
This chapter, written by UNC DCT Dr. Mitch Prinstein, is an excellent resource for navigating the internship application process. It is particularly helpful to read before preparing your essays. Dr. Prinstein also offers video tutorials on writing internship essays and interviewing, which can be found


Intended Month of Graduation
Used by students to understand when to submit their Application for Degree based on their intended graduation month.

Exit Checklist
Explains steps that students need to take after they have successfully defended their dissertation or are leaving the University.


Suggestion, Comment, Complaint Form
A digital version of our comment box is located outside N418.

Angus MacDonald III
Director of Clinical Training

N423 EltH | 624-3813
Robert Krueger
Associate Director of Practicum & Internship Placements

N414 EltH | 626-8541
Darian Schwietz
Program Specialist
N420 EltH | 301-2702