Zoom has become a major portion of the way we function in our normal day-to-day working lives.  It is an online video conferencing tool that has meeting and webinar capabilities.

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Meetings vs. Webinars

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms allow a host or co-host to split the meeting participants to separate sessions or rooms for small group discussions.

Recording Zoom Meetings or Webinars

In general, hosts can record meetings on their local computers or to the cloud. Cloud recordings are only available for max 180 days (30 days for Zoom BAA accounts). 

For details and more information see Zoom: Record a Meeting or Webinar.


As we share links to our Zoom meetings widely, there is the potential for Zoombombing (unwanted, disrupted intrusion in a Zoom meeting). There are a few steps that can be taken to help prevent this.


  • How to find the Zoom Panel when several windows open or dealing with several screens?
    • Toggle between open programs with Alt+Tab (Windows) or Cmd+Tab (Mac). This is considered one of the most important shortcut keys–give it a try. 
  • How to make sure to record only the presenter (and not the gallery view)?
    • The person who records the meeting should choose “Speaker View.” The presenter can be “pinned” or “spotlighted.”
  • How to find the correct audio input (microphone) and output (speaker) for my Zoom meeting?
    • Take a minute before the meeting and click on the dropdown next to the microphone symbol in Zoom. Select “Test Speaker and Microphone…” to make sure you have the correct audio input and output selected.

Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds allow users to display an image or video in their background.  Here are some available options with UMN branding.

Note: This feature may not work on all computers depending on their capabilities.

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