Registration Permission Numbers

Some courses require a permission number, which the student must enter when adding the course to their enrollment. The course may be set up to require a permission number from all students who register for it, or only from students who do not meet course prerequisites. The permission number indicates to the system that the student has the instructor's approval to register.

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Permission Numbers for Undergraduate Students

Permission numbers for undergraduate students are distributed by the Department of Psychology’s Undergraduate Advising. Email them at to request a permission number. Approval from the instructor must be included with the request. 

PSY 4993/5993 Directed Research - A contract must be submitted to Undergraduate Advising before a student is allowed to enroll. The department’s PSY 4993/5993: Directed Research page contains instructions.

Please Note:

  • Adding seats to your class capacity rather than admitting extras via permission numbers gives all students an equal opportunity for admission to the class.
    • Enrollment capacity may be increased at your request but may be subject to room availability/capacity and other factors.
    • If you are interested in this, contact the Associate Director of Curriculum & Instruction regarding any impact on TA workload. 
  • Students will often present a crisis situation to an individual instructor when other solutions are readily available. (Academic and financial holds are common.) Department of Psychology Undergraduate Advising has access to student records and may assist them with making alternate arrangements that enable them to progress for timely degree completion. Please refer students to Advising for assistance.
  • The best advice for students is to share:
    • "We do not over-enroll courses in Psychology. Please continue to check online for an open seat. If a seat opens when one student drops, another student has the opportunity to add the class via online registration. Consult with Department of Psychology Undergraduate Advising regarding concerns with timely graduation and course planning (" 
    • Faculty/instructors may wish to set up a standard reply for student requests.

Permission Numbers for Graduate Students

Graduate students who need a permission number to register for a class should consult the intranet's Registration page in the Grad Studies section for guidance. Graduate instructors seeking guidance on issuing a permission number to an undergraduate student should consult "Permission Numbers for Undergraduate Students," above.

If an instructor would like a graduate student to have a permission number, they may provide the number to the student or ask a staff member to provide the number (e.g., Heidi Wolff or your area's support staff). Staff support is recommended; permission numbers may need to be customized for particular students, and instructors do not have access to customize permission number settings. Instructors are encouraged to make a plan for their permission number distribution before registration opens. Please also know that any staff member who distributes a permission number from an instructor's list must first have the instructor's approval to do so.

Note: Some areas email registration instructions to students that may include permission numbers. Students in these areas should consult that information prior to enrolling or contacting instructors to request permission numbers.

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