Counseling Psychology

Counseling Student Handbook
Student guide to the graduate program in Counseling Psychology.

Internship Application Handbook
Student guide to the Internship application process.

Psychology Resource Guide
A guide to academic, cultural, and University services.

University Affinity Organizations (Psychology)
The Department of Psychology has established a list of affinity organizations that may be of interest to graduate students. For a full list, please visit Gopherlink’s Organization Directory.

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Annual Progress

Counseling Student Progress Report
Used by Counseling Graduate Students to record yearly progress in the program.

Counseling Student Portfolio Checklist
Used to help Counseling Graduate Students determine the documentation that should be submitted to their student portfolio. The Portfolio is a record of academic/professional competency.

Counseling Psychology Degree Progress Checklist
Used by Counseling Graduate Students to make timely progress on completion of program, department, and university requirements.


Curriculum Requirements

APA Discipline-Specific Knowledge (DSK) Coursework
Used by Counseling Graduate Students to identify coursework that meets APA Discipline-Specific Knowledge (DSK) for the Counseling Psychology Program.

Department of Psychology General Area Distribution Requirement
A list of the 13 general psychology topic areas and the courses that fulfill the General Area Distribution Requirement. Students admitted to the program prior to Fall 2019 will need to complete these requirements. Students admitted Fall 2019 and forward complete requirements listed on their Graduate Planning and Audit Systems (GPAS).


Student Counseling Services (SCS)
Practicum opportunity for second-year Counseling Graduate Students. Eligibility and application process are available online. The deadline is early February.

Advanced Practicum Evaluation
Used by Advanced Practicum Supervisors to evaluate student progress at the end of each semester of site placement.

Student Evaluation of Advanced Practicum Site
Used by Counseling Graduate Students to evaluation their experience at an Advanced Practicum Site. Student evaluations must be completed at the end of the academic year (Spring Semester).

Practicum/Advanced Practicum Tracking Spreadsheet
The Counseling Psychology Program requires all students participating in practicum and advanced practicum to use record and track their practicum/advanced practicum hours. A counseling psychology alum has developed an Excel Spreadsheet to help student track their hours. The program and developer of the spreadsheet are not responsible for any lost or miscalculated hours that may occur the spreadsheet. Make sure to back-up your documents.


Steven Snyder Travel Fellowship in Counseling Psychology

Counseling Graduate Students in the Department of Psychology can apply for a Snyder Travel Fellowship to help with travel costs to attend a scientific/professional conference. First priority will be given to students presenting at a conference (you do not need to present to be eligible), and students who have submitted their application before or by the deadlines listed below. Also, funding will be limited to two separate conferences per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30); however, we are only able to guarantee one award per student during the fiscal year. If there is still funding available after the Summer deadline, we will open the application until April 25th to students who are traveling to more than two conferences or missed the deadlines. 

Deadlines are November 1st (Fall Semester); March 15th (Spring Semester); and April 15th (Summer).

Counseling Psychology Research Fellowship

Counseling Graduate Students in the Department of Psychology can apply for a Research Fellowship to help with costs associated with conducting research. Funds can only be used for expenses directly related to the research project. For example, software necessary for the analysis is eligible, but a new laptop computer is not. Priority will be given to students who have a dissertation proposal approved by their committee, but all counseling students are eligible to apply for an award. We will limit award amounts to $600 per fiscal year. The Counseling Psychology Research Fellowship is available in addition to other funding sources the student has received. Application deadlines are May 15th and December 15th.

Counseling Psychology Summer Fellowships
The Counseling Psychology Program has summer funding available for Counseling Graduate Students in the Department of Psychology. The fellowships are awarded to students who are conducting research and are in good standing academically.

If you are interested in being considered for a Counseling Psychology summer fellowship, please contact your advisor to express your interest.

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