The focus of this page is the finance side of appointments.  If there are any Human Resource (HR) specific questions, please contact our Chief of Staff, Holley Locher (

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Hiring and Appointments

To Hire

  • Civil Service, Professional & Administrative (P&A), Labor-Represented, or Temporary/Casual
  • Graduate or Undergraduate Students
    • Contact your designated accountant with this information:
      • Student's Full Name
      • Student ID#
      • Start/end date
      • EFS account string
      • If Undergraduate
        • Hourly rate
      • If Graduate
        • How many hours per week will they work (appointment %)
    • Note: students will need to be rehired each term (or every Summer and Academic Year if they are hired for a full year).

For more information see OHR Hiring Policies.


Payroll-related questions should be directed to your designated finance professional.


It is very critical that timesheets are submitted promptly for each pay period. 

Employees that need to submit timesheets

  • Hourly Employees: 
    • Undergraduate student research assistants
    • Student workers
    • Temporary/casual workers

If you don't know if you should be reporting time, ask your supervisor what type of appointment you have.

Reporting Time

Approving Time

Sarah Jahn
Finance and Grants Manager
S253 EltH | 626-7975
Kamran Motevaze
Finance Professional
S252 EltH | 626-8146
Angela Park
Finance Professional
S254 | 625-5429
Svena Saenvilay
Student Finance Assistant
Anjeanette Roy
Grants Coordinator
N256 EltH | 626-0871
Kristen Abernethy
Grants Coordinator
S250 EltH | 624-4325
Elliot Skurich
Senior Grants Administrator
Abby Roberts
Student Finance Assistant
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