Purchasing Computing Equipment

The university and department have several ways for individuals to get new/upgraded computers. 

See the information below. For questions and purchasing support, contact Carla Bates (cbates@umn.edu).

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Faculty & Non-Research Staff (50% or more)

All Faculty and non-research staff positions (50% time) are eligible for one computer under the CLA Computer Replacement Program (CRP).

About CRP

  • New Faculty
    • Purchase their first CRP machine from startup funds.
  • Replacement
    • Funding for a replacement varies based on the age of the current machine  CRP offers stock PC and Mac computers.  See the UM Bookstore punchout on UMarket for "CLA" choices.
    • CRP funds can be used toward the purchase of a non-standard computer.  Customizing a 'stock' CRP machine, by adding RAM for instance, makes the 'stock' machine into a 'custom' machine and the CRP contribution is less.
    • Users may keep or recycle their current machines.

CRP Contributions for Replacement Computers

Age of current CRP machineCRP Contribution:
"stock" replacement
CRP Contribution:
"custom" replacement
Department CRP Contribution
Less than 3 years N/A N/A N/A
3 - 4 years$300$200$0
4 - 5 years$700$500$400
5 - 6 years$950$750$400
Over 6 years$1,200$1,000$400


Graduate Students

The Graduate Student Laptop Program provides laptops to new incoming graduate students for use while in the program.

  • Laptops are University-owned. Personal funds may not be used to enhance the laptops.
  • The laptop will be encrypted per University policy, requiring a password-protected login.
  • Aside from standard browsers and utilities, laptops include Microsoft Office. Additional software may be installed.
  • Maintenance
    • The laptop is covered by a three-year warranty. After the warranty expires, the Department will support repairs up to an extent.
    • It is recommended that timely backups of data are completed. If your machine malfunctions, it may be necessary to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.
  • Laptops must be returned when you leave the program
  • You must follow UMN Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

All Other Computing Equipment - Including Equipment for Research Labs

Computing equipment including tablets, printers, and phones that are purchased with UMN funds needs to be purchased and managed according to University policy. The Department of Psychology is an aligned OIT unit. This means we are to purchase equipment through the UMN Bookstore punch out on UMarket.  If you prefer to work with Psychology staff in purchasing, please contact the Psychology IT Manager.

Remote Work

The university has developed a policy regarding Remote Work - Business Expenses that explains what can be purchased with university funds to support your home office.

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