Sharing News

Email to share your news for purposes of broader distribution. News can include achievements/awards, publications, upcoming events, etc.  The news you share will be included in one or more of the following departmental distribution outlets, as appropriate: 

  • BrainWave - Weekly newsletter
  • UMN Events Calendar
  • Social Media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter)
  • And more
Holley Locher
Chief of Staff
N210 EltH | 625-7852
Missy Jones
Assistant to the Chair
S248 EltH | 626-3171
Stephen Fiksdal
Chair's Office Assistant
S210 EltH | 625-7444
Amanda Schmit
Office & Communications Manager
N218 EltH | 625-2546
Bailee Hill
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Taylor Hartmann
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Kaya Reynal O'Connor
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Madison Stromberg
Communications Assistant
N211 EltH