Compliance and Training

Research Security and Compliance

The Research Security and Compliance handbook contains up-to-date, relevant information for researchers in the Department of Psychology on the policies, practices, training, and resources pertaining to research security and compliance at the University of Minnesota.

Report of External Professional Activities (REPA)

The Report of External Professional Activities (REPA) is used to report external activities and business and financial interests in accordance with University policies that govern external activities and conflicts of interests.

Sarah Jahn
Finance and Grants Manager
S253 EltH | 626-7975
Kamran Motevaze
Finance Professional
S252 EltH | 626-8146
Angela Park
Finance Professional
S254 | 625-5429
Svena Saenvilay
Student Finance Assistant
Anjeanette Roy
Grants Coordinator
N256 EltH | 626-0871
Kristen Abernethy
Grants Coordinator
S250 EltH | 624-4325
Elliot Skurich
Senior Grants Administrator
Abby Roberts
Student Finance Assistant