The following resources supplement the information on graduate advising for Psychology students provided in the Graduate Student Handbook and the handbook for your area.

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Advisor Support

Guides and training to support advisors:

Advising statement resources: 

Policies governing graduate education. 

Advising Tools

Degree Progress & Annual Review


Graduate students are expected to meet the following progress standards to maintain good standing in their program. Faculty concerned about a student’s progress are encouraged to consult with the Area Director, DGS, and/or ADGS, as appropriate to the situation, to identify appropriate next steps. 

Annual Progress Report (APR)

All UMN master’s and PhD students must be reviewed annually and notified of their progress. Psychology uses the electronic workflow maintained by the Graduate School to meet this requirement. 

GPAS | Graduate Planning & Audit System


Advisors can access GPAS via two paths:

  • MyU>Advisor Center (Key Links dropdown menu).
  • MyU>My Advisees (left navigation bar).


Exceptions are used to modify the requirements and/or the courses meeting specific requirements for an individual student. This creates flexibility within the articulated curriculum (PhD and MA).

In Psychology, advisors and area directors approve exception requests with an email confirmation. Exceptions are currently submitted by the ADGS or the student, and approved in the GPAS system by the ADGS and DGS. 

Note: Certain courses are always manually applied to requirements. These will be processed by the ADGS without prior approval or notification to align with documented requirements. Example: Requirements to take specific topics in PSY 8960 must be manually processed. 

Planning & Monitoring Coursework Progress

GPAS tracks students’ progress toward coursework requirements but does not automatically support the planning of future courses. Students are expected to review their GPAS each semester to confirm they are on track for timely completion of coursework requirements as communicated by the area and established in consultation with their advisor(s).

Advisors are encouraged to support this process by reviewing advisees’ GPAS and discussing plans for unfulfilled coursework requirements.

Planner Review

The primary advisor is responsible for reviewing and approving the student’s coursework in the Graduate Planning and Audit System (GPAS). This is typically done in the spring of a student’s third year in the program. 

Supporting Student Well-Being & Mental Health

Resources for Faculty

Mental Health Advocates (MHA)

MHAs are trained staff and faculty volunteers who serve as resources to students and colleagues about the mental health resources available on campus. MHAs take active steps each month to make positive changes impacting student mental health within their sphere of influence. 

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