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Across the University, numerous departments and resources assist with continual instructional and pedagogical development.

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Writing in Psychology/WEC Program

For a number of years, the Department of Psychology has participated in the University’s innovative Writing-Enriched Curriculum Program (WEC). This program provides academic departments with a way to ensure that discipline-relevant writing and writing instruction are intentionally infused into their undergraduate curricula.

The centerpiece of the WEC method is the Undergraduate Writing Plan, which is iteratively generated, implemented, and assessed by unit faculty working in collaboration with writing specialists from the WEC team. The program works toward the University's ultimate goal of graduating agile and effective writers in all disciplines by ensuring that all degree programs are "writing-enriched."

The WEC program also hosts an informative  Teaching with Writing Blog (subscribe on the page)

Our Department has developed a website to host Psychology-specific writing resources developed through participation in the WEC program.

Center for Educational Innovation (CEI)

The Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) provides research-informed, transformative, and inclusive leadership in teaching and learning across the University of Minnesota system. Partner with them to achieve your educational goals. Workshops, consultations, and programs for novice and experienced instructors across various topics.

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UMN Libraries - Instruction Support Services

Instruction support services, through the UMN Libraries, help find quality course materials that fit your class. They can also help you integrate information literacy and research inquiry skills into your course. And they have expertise in learning the research process and using our resources and services.

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Events Calendar: Teaching Support

This monthly calendar compiles events and workshops from across multiple departments/units that support teaching and pedagogy-related development.

One Request - Teaching Support

With One Request, you get help from college and system campus support, University Libraries, Disability Resource Center, Academic Technology Support Services, and the Center for Educational Innovation.

Academic Technology Support Services (OIT ATSS)

OIT has two newsletters that may be beneficial to instruction.

  • Teaching with Technology News (subscribe form on page)
  • Extra Points Blog (subscribe link in blog menu)
    • Keep up to date with the University of Minnesota teaching with technology by subscribing to their monthly newsletter. 
    • The newsletter includes need-to-know updates about Canvas, Zoom, Kaltura, and other learning tools; strategies for teaching and learning with technology; tips and tricks on how to use technology tools efficiently and effectively; and engagement and learning opportunities.

TA, SL, GI Position Descriptions

Department of Psychology TA, SL, and GI Position Descriptions lists the responsibilities of our teaching assistants, section leaders, and graduate instructors. TA and SL responsibilities will vary, depending on course assignment and instructor. 


Christina Wiencke
Associate Director of Curriculum & Instruction
S257 EltH | 626-1732
Heidi Wolff
Curriculum and Graduate Services Specialist
S258 EltH | 624-5002
Silke Moeller
Academic Technologist
N211 EltH | 625-0644
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