Storage & Shared Drives

Accessing shared storage and special computing environments requires approved access.

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Requesting Access

Submit a request for access using CLA Computing Resources Access Request Form (click “Request Service” in the upper right-hand corner).  Information to include on the request:

  • The name of the file share drive or remote resource (wts or compute.cla).  Your adviser, lab manager, or supervisor should have this information for you.
  • The name of the person who is the head of the lab, usually a faculty member or a lab manager. This person will need to approve your access.

Connecting/Mapping a File Share Drive

R is for Research file shares; S is for Department file shares.

Connect to a Shared Drive or Network Folder

Use the address patterns below for connecting.

  • Mac
    • R: smb://<faculty>_<file_share>
      • You will need to mount each share separately. File shares use underscores _ instead of blanks.
    • S:  smb://
    • H: smb://
  • PC: The drives R and S drives should automatically map when logging in after access is granted. Try restarting the machine.
    • If restarting does not work, you can manually map the drives.
      • R:  \\\UMN\CLA\Research
      • S:  \\\cla-psycstat\psyc
      • H:  \\\cla-psycstat\home\<account>

Connect to OIT Linux File Share Drives


  • You must be connected to UMN VPN when attempting to access these folders from off-campus.
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