Admission Decisions & Process

Learn about the process and timeline for admissions decisions and how to access materials specific to the annual admissions cycle.

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Overview of Timeline

Specifics of the annual admissions timeline will be communicated separately. This information is for general reference:

  • Early September: Graduate Admissions opens the application system annually for the following fall cycle the day after Labor Day. This is the first day applicants can begin an application for the correct term of admission. 
  • December 1: The submission deadline for all Department of Psychology applications is at 11:59 pm ET on December 1.  
  • December through mid-January: Faculty review applications and areas and submit their nominations to the DGS and ADGS. 
  • Late January through April 15: Faculty, staff, and current students participate in coordinated recruitment efforts, including the annual Welcome Program.  
  • April 15: The deadline for admitted applicants to accept or decline their offer of admission, in compliance with the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) April 15 Resolution. 

Communication of Admissions Decisions

  • Departments nominate applicants for admission, only the Graduate School can formally process an admit decision, contingent on the applicant meeting their minimum requirements, such as English Language Proficiency.
  • If an applicant has questions about a deny admit decision, refer them to the ADGS; Psychology uses a standardized response for legal reasons.

April 15 Decision Deadline

The University of Minnesota adheres to the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) April 15 Resolution

  • Participation in the resolution obliges us to provide all admits with offers of financial support through April 15 to make a decision without any pressure. 
  • If you become aware of an admit being pressured by someone at the UMN or another institution, email the ADGS for assistance. Infractions are reported to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Process Resources & Announcements

Information about the current admissions cycle is maintained via a Shared Google Drive, titled Psychology Graduate Admissions Fall [year]. All faculty have access to this shared drive after it is live for the annual cycle (ca. December 1-5 annually). 

The Drive includes the following resources annually:

  • Timeline and deadlines for the admissions cycle.
  • Target enrollment and funding information.
  • Slate Reader navigation instructions.
  • PDF copies of key admissions email announcements from the DGS and ADGS to the faculty.

Area directors have access to an additional folder of materials to support their role in coordinating admissions for their area. Area directors and support staff, please email Laura if you have difficulty locating your area’s folder.

Pat Frazier
Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
N571 EltH | 625-6863
Laura Luepke
Associate Director of Graduate Studies (ADGS)
S243 EltH | 626-3483
Hope Savaria
Graduate Program Support & Event Specialist (GPSES)
S244 EltH | 625-0377
Heidi Wolff
Curriculum and Graduate Services Specialist (CGSS)
S258 EltH | 624-5002
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