NIH Data Management Sharing Plan | DMSP

Starting January 25, 2023, NIH will require a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMSP) for all applications that generate scientific data, including clinical data. This does not apply to grants that do not generate data (e.g. training grants, infrastructure grants, fellowships, etc.). 

The University Libraries & LATIS offer data management education, consultation, and services for individuals, lab groups, and departments! 

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Elements of a DMSP

  1. Description of data plus metadata and documentation
    1. Type and amount of data that will be collected or used
      1. Data modality (e.g. imaging, genomic, survey)
      2. Level of aggregation (e.g. individual or aggregated)
      3. Degree of data processing (e.g. raw vs process data)
    2. What data will be shared
    3. Metadata and documentation that will be included
  2. Tools, software, code, etc
    1. Specialized tools that are needed to access the shared data
    2. Names of specific software tools
    3. Availability of tools (e.g. open source vs cost)
    4. Expected lifespan of the tools compared to the length of data availability 
  3. Standard for data/metadata
    1. Data formats, data dictionaries, common data elements, identifiers, definitions
  4. Data preservation, access, and timelines
    1. Name of the repository(ies) where data will be shared
    2. Findability of data
    3. When data will be shared
  5. Access, resources, and reuse considerations
    1. Informed consent
    2. Privacy and confidentiality protections
    3. Restrictions imposed by federal, Tribal, or state laws, regulations, or policies
  6. Oversight of data management and sharing
    1. How compliance with DMSP will be monitored and managed
    2. Who will be responsible for oversight
    3. How often will oversight activities occur

What Should be Included in Data Sharing?

  • Adequate data to validate and replicate study findings
  • Data resulting from the study but not necessarily supporting a publication
  • Null findings that do not result in publications

What Does Not Need to be Included in Data Sharing?

  • Laboratory notebooks/preliminary findings
  • Completed case reports/drafts of scientific papers/peer reviews
  • Plans for future research
  • Communications with colleagues 
  • Physical objects (e.g. specimens)
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