Academic Progress

The Department of Psychology, CLA, and the Graduate School set progress standards and implement assessment mechanisms to ensure graduate students have clear information about expectations and how to meet them.

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Good Standing & Academic Progress

Psychology Good Standing Policy

Defines "good standing" for the department, college, and university and informs students of the timeline for degree milestones. Links to administrative forms are included; see the Graduate Student Handbook for probation and dismissal procedures.

Psychology Student Learning Outcomes

An overview of goals for PhD training in the Department of Psychology - research excellence; teaching and mentoring; service, engagement, and leadership; and professional ethics.

University-Wide Policies on Academic Progress for MA and PhD Students

  • Doctoral: Performance Standards and Academic Progress: Policy and FAQ
  • Master’s: Performance Standards and Academic Progress: Policy and FAQ

Degree Completion Steps

Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) manages the electronic workflows and paperwork steps that all graduate students must complete to obtain their degree. 
Access to the electronic workflows, and guidance on the timing for when steps should be completed, are maintained in the following overviews:

GSSP’s guidance is general; you must consult these documents in combination with the Graduate Student Handbook and your area handbook to make sure you are completing all steps when required by your program, including departmental scheduling requirements for preliminary and final exams. Students completing a predoctoral internship may also typically have a different timeline for their final steps and when to apply to graduate.

Annual Progress Report | APR

The Graduate School requires all master’s and doctoral students to be reviewed annually and notified of whether or not they are meeting progress standards. 

Proactively Addressing Challenges

If you are experiencing extenuating circumstances, or if other factors are impacting your timeline for degree progress steps, please reach out proactively. More options for support are typically available with advance notice, and before a determination of unsatisfactory progress is made.

Your advisor(s), the DGS, and the ADGS are all available for consultation and to help you plan for adjustments to your timeline, as appropriate to your situation. 

Pat Frazier
Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
N571 EltH | 625-6863
Laura Luepke
Associate Director of Graduate Studies (ADGS)
S243 EltH | 626-3483
Hope Savaria
Graduate Program Support & Event Specialist (GPSES)
S244 EltH | 625-0377
Heidi Wolff
Curriculum and Graduate Services Specialist (CGSS)
S258 EltH | 624-5002
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