Teaching Evaluations

At the end of each semester, instructors, teaching assistants (TA), and section leaders (SL) are evaluated. Students evaluate their instructors and SLs via the University's Student Rating of Teaching (SRT). Instructors evaluate their SLs and TAs via Departmental TA/SL evaluation. 

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Student Rating of Teaching (SRT)

The Student Rating of Teaching (SRT) is completed by students, providing input about instructors and the courses they teach. SRT content includes factors related to instructional excellence and course improvements. University Senate policy requires the evaluation of all courses taught at the University. 

Graduate students in the Department of Psychology are reviewed by students via SRT if they have a graduate instructor (GI) or section leader (SL) appointment.

Office of Measurement Services (OMS) oversees online and paper-based SRT administration and reporting for the Twin Cities campus.  The process and information can be found on the OMS SRT page

SRT Administration

Teaching Assistant/Section Leader Evaluation

At the end of each semester, all graduate students in the Department of Psychology who have a teaching assistant (TA) or section leader (SL) appointment are evaluated by the course’s instructor. Instructors will receive an email from departmental staff towards the end of the semester with an evaluation form to complete. Instructors should share a copy of this evaluation with the student.  

(Section leaders are also evaluated with the Student Rating of Teaching - SRT by the students enrolled in their section.)

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