RATE (Reflect, Articulate, Translate, Evaluate) Tool

Every CLA student develops the ten Core Competencies, but each student does it differently. RATE™ helps a student tell the story of exactly how they did it. RATE connects what a student experienced across their liberal arts education and helps them translate its value into any professional context.

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  • Example for a meaningful RATE assignment (provided by a psychology instructor):
    • “The most helpful thing to me was to just click out to the RATE tool and learn what it is by taking it. 

      Then I finished reading the document and realized that there are 10 "core career competencies" that we're supposed to talk to students about, and when we pair a RATE assessment with an assignment, we can prepare the students for the assignment by telling them what competency we hope this assignment helps them develop, and sharing with them the definition of that competency (which can be found on the get-ready.cla.umn.edu site).

      So, for example, when I give them the Textbook Improvement assignment and teach them about Creative Commons licensing and how to find open-source materials, I could explain that this assignment is intended to support the development of Digital Literacy, and then pair a RATE assessment with that assignment.”​​​​​​​
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