Hybrid Lectures

Zoom: Teach Online Class Sessions provides helpful information on how to organize and manage hybrid lectures.

Questions? Contact Silke Moeller (smoeller@umn.edu, (612) 709-5593). She also comes to your classroom for tech setups and consultation.

Here are the technical steps to set up a hybrid lecture in case students can’t join the lecture or remote guest lecturers are invited.

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Schedule a Zoom Meeting (in Canvas, in Zoom, or in Google Calendar)

Schedule hybrid meetings in Canvas

  • In Canvas Settings, enable "Zoom" to appear in the course navigation
  • Click "Zoom" in the course navigation and schedule a meeting (only Teacher role can create meetings in Canvas)
    • Enable: “Recurring meeting”
    • Select:  "No fixed time" for the Recurrence meeting dropdown.  
      • This allows you to use one link for all your zoom meetings for all your sections for the whole semester and DOES NOT clutter the student's Canvas calendar with the Zoom meetings (this also creates issues when the Canvas course got later imported into a future semester course).
  • Recordings: If you record the hybrid lecture/meeting, the Teacher has to click on Zoom in the Canvas course navigation, click the Publish button to make the recording available for students in the course.

Schedule hybrid meetings in Zoom

  • In zoom.umn.edu create a recurring Zoom meeting
  • Share the Zoom link in your Canvas course

Schedule hybrid meetings in Google Calendar

  • Create a Google Calendar event
  • Add "Video Conference Meeting" and select Zoom
    • This creates a Zoom link that is used for all occurrences of the calendar event.


Connect to Classroom Podium

  • Plugin: Red USB connector into a computer
  • Open/Start: Zoom meeting and select the microphone option that corresponds to the room mic. 
    • Note: Every classroom has different technology. It is important that you “Test Speaker & Microphone…” in the Zoom app (click the Audio dropdown button to start the test)!! 

If you are in a classroom without a microphone and/or a webcam (no red USB connector at the podium), you should use a wireless USB microphone/webcam for better audio.  Talk to Silke Moeller (smoeller@umn.edu) about checkout devices for your classroom. 

During Class

  • Don’t forget to greet and address the remote students.
    • Ask a TA or a student in the front row to monitor the Zoom chat for you for questions.
    • Also, ask in the chat right away if people at home can hear OK.

After Class Ends

  • At the end of the lecture, stop recording, and you will get an email link to it.
  • Post the link to the zoom recording on your Canvas course page.  
    • If you like to keep the recording for longer than 180 days, upload the recording to Mediaspace.umn.edu.
  • If you prefer to share the recording only with students who were not able to attend the class, create a non-graded assignment in Canvas and only assign students who missed the class. 
  • TIP: You can make the lecture recordings available for all students for reviewing at the end of a unit or before exams. 
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