Learning & Student Engagement Tools

For student engagement in all course formats, the University authorized a variety of Learning Tool Integrations (LTI) for Canvas, our online learning platform, see Find Canvas Learning Tools

Here are some commonly used tools that are Canvas-integrated for use as assignments.

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Academic Integrity Tools

The academic integrity tools Proctorio (online proctoring and lockdown browser), Respondus (lockdown browser), and Turnitin (a plagiarism checker) provide instructors with proctoring support for Canvas exams and assignments.  See more details about these Academic Integrity Tools and tips on how to deliver electronic exams.

The Office of Community Standards provides more information about Academic Integrity (including Promoting Academic Integrity).

Polling Tool (ChimeIn)

ChimeIn is a student response (clicker) tool created at the University of Minnesota. with advanced functionality. Participants can access ChimeIn with a mobile device or computer. Instructors can set up ChimeIn to integrate with a Canvas site. ChimeIn can be used in classes, but it can also be used for meetings, conferences, or any type of event in which you want to collect feedback.

Peer Review Tools (FeedbackFruit)

How to use Canvas Peer Review Assignments? Here a Comparison of Peer Evaluation Tools: FeedbackFruits, Canvas, and Turnitin

FeedbackFruits is an all-in-one LTI solution to boost student engagement and collaboration in any course setting. For an overview see this FeedbackFruit faculty session: 

Four features are currently integrated at the UMN; they can all be combined in one assignment as needed:


Flip (formerly Flipgrid) is a student engagement and assessment tool that integrates with Canvas. Flip allows students to record and upload short videos. It also allows them to view, react and respond to other's videos. Flip runs inside your web browser, so there is no software to download, install, or update.

“Social” Annotation Tool (Hypothes.is)

Hypothes.is is an open-source web-based annotation tool for use with PDF documents or webpages. It enables group members to collaboratively annotate a text.


Kaltura/Mediaspace & Capture

Kaltura is a media management platform for video and audio files used for teaching, learning, non-PHI research, and outreach. Kaltura automatically optimizes video and audio files for use with any device. It includes strong accessibility workflows, powerful search functions, video quizzes, and deep analytics.


StoryMaps (ArcGIS) allows students to create inspiring, immersive stories by combining text, interactive maps, and other multimedia content. 


A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slideshow that holds images, documents, and videos. It allows people to navigate between slides and leave audio, video, or text comments on each slide. VoiceThread runs inside your web browser, so there is no software to download, install, or update. Anyone with a University of Minnesota Internet ID has a VoiceThread account.

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