Exam Committees

The following resources supplement the overview of committee roles provided in the Graduate Student Handbook.

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Forms & Workflows for Committee Members

Faculty complete electronic forms to record students’ progress through key degree milestones. Most forms will be sent to your UMN email account from wfgen-nr@umn.edu

Ask the student about the status of a form if you think one is missing. Uncompleted forms can delay student progress, create inaccurate records, and prevent degree clearance for graduation.

  • Committee composition approvals (PhD prelim and final, Plan A MA & Plan B MA): Initiated by the student, completed by the Primary Advisor, DGS, and CLA College Coordinator. 
    • Note: This form has a time limit. It will forward to the next approver if no action is taken by the approval deadline. 
  • Preliminary Written Exam Results form: Completed, signed, and submitted by the advisor(s) to the ADGS as a PDF.
    • Note: The result must be recorded before a student can register for thesis credits or proceed with preliminary oral exam steps. 
  • Examination Results form (PhD prelim and final, Plan A & Plan B MA final): Completed by the committee chair. A student’s record will not have a passing result on record until this form is completed. 
    • Note: This form cannot be backdated; complete the form at the close of the oral exam whenever possible.
  • Reviewers’ Report forms (PhD final exam & Plan A MA): Initiated by the student when they distribute their dissertation or MA thesis to members of the committee. All committee members designated as reviewers must complete their form before the student can formally schedule their exam with GSSP.
  • Thesis/Dissertation Approval and Deposit (PhD final exam and Plan A MA): Completed by the advisor(s) no later than the last business day of the anticipated month of graduation (delays past this deadline will move a student’s graduation date back by a full month). 
    • Note: These forms should never be signed before a student has passed the final oral examination. 

Graduate Education Roles & Committee Service

Your current graduate education roles for advising and committee service can be checked by reviewing your entry in the Faculty Role List Database. Eligibility is governed by the following policies:

Faculty who hold appointments in multiple programs may only represent one major on examination committees. Requirements for the composition of MA and PhD committees maintained by GSSP.

Process Resources for Committee Chairs

Pat Frazier
Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)
N571 EltH | 625-6863
Laura Luepke
Associate Director of Graduate Studies (ADGS)
S243 EltH | 626-3483
Hope Savaria
Graduate Program Support & Event Specialist (GPSES)
S244 EltH | 625-0377
Heidi Wolff
Curriculum and Graduate Services Specialist (CGSS)
S258 EltH | 624-5002
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