Central Office

The Central Office provides a variety of administrative services to Department of Psychology members and visitors and has staff available to help answer any question.

Staff in the Central Office can be reached via the following methods: 

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  • Electronic letterhead must be used for business-related electronic communications only.
  • Printed letterhead also must be used for business-related communication only and is available upon request in the Central Office.

Mailing & Faxing


IncludesUnited States Post Office (USPS) mail, internal “Campus” mail, supplies, and packages

Incoming mail of all types will be sorted into mailboxes in the second-floor mailroom (S263). Elliott occupants are expected to routinely check their mailboxes. 

  • Packages that do not fit in mailboxes will be labeled and placed in the second-floor mailroom with their name written on them. Recipients will not be emailed when packages arrive but are instead expected to routinely check the mailroom for their items.

Outgoing mail.

  • USPS
    • Stamped: Place in the labeled box under the table in the second-floor mailroom.
    • Un-stamped domestic: Request a stamp from N218 and give it to Central Office Staff to mail on your behalf.
    • Un-stamped international: Speak to the Central Office regarding options.
  • Campus: Place in the labeled box under the table of the second-floor mailroom. Include the campus delivery code on the envelope.
  • FedEx: Shipping labels and envelopes/boxes may be picked up in the Central Office.
    • FedEx will no longer pick up packages in Elliott Hall. However, packages may be dropped off in the drop box located outside Fraser Hall.


  • Incoming: Received documents will be placed in a campus mail envelope and put in the appropriate mailbox in the second-floor mailbox.
  • Outgoing: Complete & print the Fax Cover-Sheet. Bring all documents to the Central Office Staff and they will assist with faxing. Confirmation sheets will be placed in your second-floor mailbox.

Printing & Copying

N206 Elliott Hall

  • Available Machines
    • Black & White Printer
    • Color Printer
    • Toshiba Copier
      • To print or copy on this machine a copy code is needed. See below for information on copy codes.
      • For assistance with printing to the Toshiba Copier, refer to the Printing to the Copier Guide. Also, staff in the Central Office can provide assistance. 
    • Connecting to Printers and Copiers
  • Copy Codes: Our copy codes are created based on function.
    • Course Codes: These are copy codes assigned to Psychology courses. They are changed and distributed every semester.
      • Instructors will receive their course code approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester.
    • Grant Codes: These are copy codes assigned upon request via the Central Office. Grant codes are linked to a particular grant and printing costs are deducted from grant funds. 
    • Personal Codes: These codes are created for faculty based on business needs through the Central Office.

Printing Services

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The Central Office will maintain a limited number of PPE supplies.  If small amounts of supplies are needed, contact the Central Office.

Large quantities of supplies should be ordered through U Market, which will require an account string and justification.  U Market has developed a list of recommendations on PPE.

U Market | Supplies

A limited amount of general office supplies are kept in the Central Office’s Supply Cabinet.  If the needed supplies are not available, they will need to be ordered through U-Market.

Ordering Office or Lab Supplies

U Market has created a very helpful guide to shopping in U Market (controller office).

  • Needed Information for Ordering
    • Full EFS Account String
    • Full Justification (Who, What, Where, When, Why)
      • If for a grant, make sure to include the grant number and why the order benefits the grant.
      • See Finance’s Justification Guide for more information on how to write a full justification.
    • Approval of the PI (done prior to ordering)
  • Supply carts will be submitted 1-2 times a week
    • All carts should be assigned to Amanda Schmit (amsuchy).
Holley Locher
Chief of Staff
N210 EltH | 625-7852
Missy Jones
Assistant to the Chair
S248 EltH | 626-3171
Stephen Fiksdal
Chair's Office Assistant
S210 EltH | 625-7444
Amanda Schmit
Office & Communications Manager
N218 EltH | 625-2546
Bailee Hill
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Taylor Hartmann
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Kaya Reynal O'Connor
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Madison Stromberg
Communications Assistant
N211 EltH
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