Building Access Request

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Requests for Keys

If requesting key access, complete one form for each room needing access.  If more than one room has the same key, and the same authorizer, you can submit just one request for one of the rooms.

Requests for UCard: Information Needed

new ucard
old ucard
Holley Locher
Chief of Staff
N210 EltH | 625-7852
Missy Jones
Assistant to the Chair
S248 EltH | 626-3171
Stephen Fiksdal
Chair's Office Assistant
S210 EltH | 625-7444
Amanda Schmit
Office & Communications Manager
N218 EltH | 625-2546
Bailee Hill
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Taylor Hartmann
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Kaya Reynal O'Connor
Student Assistant
N218 EltH | 625-2818
Madison Stromberg
Communications Assistant
N211 EltH
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