Central Office Services

The goal of the Central Office is to serve the people of the Department of Psychology and any visitors.  If anyone has questions or seams lost, please send them to the Central Office for assistance.

Mailing & Faxing

Mailing & Faxing

  • Mail (USPS, Campus, Supplies & Packages)
    • Incoming: Mail will be sorted into mailboxes located on the second floor.
      • Packages and oversized mail will be held in the Central Office (N218 Elliott Hall) and an email will be sent to the recipient.  Items can be picked up during business hours.
    • Outgoing:
      • USPS:
        • Stamped: Place in the labeled box under the table of 2nd-floor mailroom
        • Un-Stamped: Complete the postage sticker (found in N218), attach to mail needing postage, and give to Central Office Staff.
      • Campus: Place in the labeled box under the table of 2nd-floor mailroom
      • Packages: Paperwork and envelope/boxes for FedEx may be picked up in the Central Office.
        • Pick-Up:
          • Packages may be dropped off in the drop box located outside Morrill Hall on Church Street. (preferred method).
          • If you wish to drop a package off in the Central Office for pickup, please call 1-800-GOFEDEX and let them know what hours the central office is open.
  • Faxing
    • Incoming: Received documents will be placed in your mailbox.
    • Outgoing: Complete the Fax Cover-Sheet and give to Central Office Staff.  Confirmation sheets will be placed in your 2nd-floor mailbox.
Printing & Copying


  • N206 Elliott Hall
    • General Use
      • Copy code is required to use the copy machines for copies and printing.
      • A guide to printing to the copier can be found here.
    • Course Use
      • Codes are assigned to a specific course and assigned every semester.  Instructors will receive their course code approximately before the start of the term.
    • Grant Use
      • Codes can be requested through the Central Office
  • Printing Services
    OMS Procedure (Test Grading)

    OMS Procedure (Test Grading)

    Office of Measurement Services (OMS)

    1. Place inside an inter-departmental envelope
      • Students' answer sheets
      • Answer key
      • Exam Report Order Form (copies available in the Elliott Hall mail room or on the OMS website)
    2. Attach a delivery slip to the outside of the envelope (copies available in the Central Office)
    3. Call for delivery (612) 626-0707
    4. Leave the envelope in the Central Office
    5. Wait for OMS to email you results