Computer Purchasing (Faculty/Staff/Reasearch)

All faculty and non-research staff positions that are at 50% or greater are eligible for a computer under the CLA Computer Replacement Program (CRP).

CRP provides for an upgrade every four years. Carla Bates will contact you to let you know when you are eligible and how much funding is available: Between CLA and the Department, eligible faculty and staff are able to purchase a stock PC or Mac desktop or laptop. If individuals have non-sponsored funds that they would like to use to augment their CRP upgrade - buy more RAM, a faster processor, more storage - this can be arranged. If you want to know about your current eligibility for the CRP, contact Carla Bates (

New faculty will cover the costs of their first CRP machine from their startup-funds. Staff may inherit a machine from the person who previously held the position. ALL CRP machines must go through Carla and the College.

Contributions for replacement computers:

  CLA CRP contribution CLA CRP contribution Department contribution
If the “old machine” is... ... for a "standard" replacement ... for a "custom" replacement  
Less than 3 years old      
Between 3 and 4 years old $300 $200 $0
Between 4 and 5 years old $700 $500 $400
Between 5 and 6 years old $950 $750 $400
Over 6 years old $1,200 $1,000 $400


Sponsored and Non-sponsored funds can be used to purchase additional machines and devices (tablets). Machines including iPads and the like purchased with UM funds need to be managed by the UM so machines need to be purchased through UM channels, either through or The representative from Dell can provide special quotes for special configurations. MTech at the UM Bookstore is an official Apple dealer and repair shop so they can help with special Apple configurations. Other manufacturers can be accessed via UMarket. Please reach out to Carla or ask an OIT tech via for support in navigating the purchasing process.

Remote Work – Technology Equipment & Services

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