Intent to Submit

To help meet both sponsor and institutional deadlines, we have implemented an online Intent to Submit form that Principal Investigators must now use to initiate the grant application process within the Department. The purpose of the Intent to Submit form is to ensure the Grants team and PIs are able to prepare and submit the grant in a timely manner.

The Intent to Submit form must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the Sponsor Due Date. This advanced notice will allow enough time to gather and process all necessary materials for SPA to meet the Sponsor deadline. Use the button to the right to access the Intent to Submit online form.

The Intent to Submit site is accessed with your UMN Internet ID and password. It opens on a Dashboard that includes:

  • A link for creating a NEW Intent to Submit
  • A table with your ACTIVE Intents to Submit from which you can edit an Intent
  • A table with your FINAL Intents including
    • Those that were submitted to SPA as grant applications and
    • Those that were tabled as the Sponsor Due Date had passed
    • An EDIT LOG that documents the changes made by you and your grant support person

An email is generated when you submit the form, providing you with confirmation of a successful submission and a notification to Grants Staff that a new Intent to Submit form has been submitted.

Intent to Submit FAQ


Submission Deadlines

Please be aware that the Psychology Department has strictly enforced deadlines for submission of grant materials. PIs who miss deadlines will receive lower priority by the grants team when they are managing multiple grant submissions and it may affect their ability to submit your proposal. This responsibility to meet deadlines rests with the PI, not the grants team. As the PI, you must be readily available to meet with and respond to the grants team until the proposal is officially submitted to the sponsor. Please note the following deadlines:

  • 6 weeks prior to the sponsor due date: Complete and send the Intent to Submit form so Psychology grants staff know you are intending to submit an application
  • 15 working days prior to the sponsor due date: Finalize budget and route PRF
  • 10 working days prior to the sponsor due date: Finalize all documents in the application
  • 5 working days prior to the sponsor due date: Submit to SPA

After receiving an Intent to Submit, the Grants Team will add all deadlines for your submission to your Google Calendar.

PI Dropboxes

All faculty now have a confidential grants folder on the department’s shared drive.

These can be found here: S:\Faculty DropBoxes\PI Last Name

Each PI Dropbox will contain:

  • Folder for final proposal documents to upload
  • Folder for final proposal, budget PRF to submit to SPA
  • Folder for working documents, drafts. etc.
  • Checklist containing all deadlines & items needed for the proposal


If you are a researcher, Postdoc, or student PI and do not have a Dropbox folder yet, please request access from Carla Bates.

For help accessing the Psychology Department shared drive.