Graduate Student Progression Documents and Forms

Graduate Student Forms

General Area Distribution Requirements List and Form

  • A list of the department's general area distribution approved courses and the form that should be submitted when this requirement has been met.

Graduate Degree Plan

  • This university form must be submitted the semester prior to scheduling your oral prelim exam. 

Preliminary Written Exam Results Form

  • This form should be completed by taking the written prelim exam and must be submitted prior to scheduling the oral prelim exam. 

GRAD 999 Course Enrollment Form

  • Complete each semester in which GRAD 999 enrollment is requested.

PSY 8444 Course Enrollment Form

  • Complete each semester in which PSY 8444 enrollment is requested.

Other useful university forms, such as the forms to schedule oral prelim exams or nominate exam committees, can be found on the Graduate Student Services and Progress website

Graduate Progression and Policy Documents

Good Standing Policy

  • Defines "good standing" for the department, college, and university along with outlining probation and dismissal procedures.

Psychology Ph.D. Degree Progress Guidelines and Timeline

  • This document expounds upon the good standing policy to inform students of when in their academic careers certain milestones and steps are expected to be taken. Links to crucial administrative forms are included. 

Ph.D. Progression and Completion Steps

  • Outlines the eight administrative steps needed to complete the PhD 

MA Progression and Completion Steps

  • Outlines administrative steps needed to complete the MA degree 
  • Both Plan A and Plan B completion steps are found on the site linked above

Psychology Student Learning Outcomes

Public Dissertation Defense

  • Procedures for Scheduling Public Dissertation Defense
  • Dissertation Defense Announcement Online Form

Graduate Studies Contacts

Gordon Legge
Director of Graduate Studies
N257 EltH - 625-0846

Rachel Goeller
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
S258 EltH - 626-3483

Heidi Wolff
Student Support Services Assistant
S258 EltH - 624-5002