Graduate Student Laptop Program

On entering the program all Psychology graduate students are provided a laptop for use while they are enrolled in their degree program. As a UM-owned device, the machine is managed by central OIT, thereby providing student access to free technology support and to UMN licensed software.  Students should follow the same troubleshooting instructions as others in the department.  

The laptop is covered by a standard three-year, UM warranty.  After the warranty-period is over, the Department will support repairs up to an extent.  Batteries will not be replaced if the machine still works when plugged in unless the cost is less than 25% of the original cost.  Once IT has determined what the issue is and whether it is covered by warranty, if there are costs beyond the warranty or the machine is considered unrepairable, the student should contact Carla Bates and include all ticket information. If a student needs a replacement, we will do our best to provide a machine with the same OS.  

On leaving the program, students need to return the UMN equipment they have been using during their graduate careers.  Students will receive instructions about doing this from the Department graduate program and main office.


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