Computer Troubleshooting

Any faculty, staff, or graduate student with a UMN machine that is having operational problems should contact the OIT (Office of Information Technology) Help Desk First Call for Help at 612.301.4357 or email them at  The best way of ensuring quick and appropriate support is to include the name of the computer in all communication regarding the issue.

The technician may need to remote into your machine to install software or run a diagnostic program. If the technician determines that a part is needed that is not covered by warranty, contact Carla Bates to discuss funding and replacement options. Please forward Carla the ticket number and let your IT tech know that they should contact Carla at

Faculty and staff may avail themselves of an "unassigned machine" but the Department cannot guarantee support of a second machine beyond the 'best effort' support provided by OIT Help Desk. Unassigned machines may be desktops or laptops still functional but replaced by CRP or an upgrade in a research lab. Unassigned machines are uncommon.



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