Computer Security

All UMN computing devices in Psychology are managed by central OIT. OIT manages devices according to the security level of the data that the machine's user can access: high for secure data, medium for all others. Some data at the UM must be accessed only by a machine designated as high security - SSNs, credit card information, HIPAA, and others. Most machines in Psychology are designated as high security machines.

The major difference between high and medium security is that users cannot have administrative access to high security machines. Installing new software or hardware or drivers must be done through SOFTWARE CENTER on PCs or JAMF for Macs or by an OIT technician remotely or in person.

If a user can make a business case for needing local administrative access to their machine or if their machine is designated as medium security, a user can request to have a Local Administrative Account on their machine. OIT will manage this. Contact to begin the process.

See more information on data security standards at the UMN.



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