New Chromebook, New ChromeOS user

– Current as of Fall 2021 –

Login to create your Chromebook account while still on campus. 

The Chromebook is brand new so a step-by-step login process will guide you. 

  • In 'Connect to Network' select eduroam. In 'Join Wi-Fi network', select PEAP as the EAP method. All defaults are correct. Remember to use your full email address (
  • Go ahead and check the SAVE IDENTITY AND PASSWORD. We will "Powerwash" the machine once you return it so your credentials will be removed at that time.
  • Accept the 'Google Chrome OS Terms' 
  • The machine will 'Check for Updates' and then you will be prompted to 'Sign in to your Chromebook'. Use your UMN email and password.

The Chromebook desktop:  Once you are logged in, the Chromebook desktop will appear.  

On the taskbar, from left to right, will be the Circle, the Chrome icon, and the Control Center.  

  • The Circle:  Although ChromeOS is the Chrome browser, extensions and apps can be accessed as if they were separate programs. The Circle is like the Windows start menu. Click it and then the ^ in the middle of the half-open windowChromebook defaults will be available as will any of the extensions or apps that you may have associated with your Chrome account in the cloud. Clicking the Circle will close the window.
  • Control Center: The Control Center is where you can connect to VPN, attach Bluetooth devices, set preferences, etc.

Install VPN and Citrix workspace 

Visit the Google Web Store by clicking on the Circle and selecting Web Store: Search for and install Cisco AnyConnect and Citrix Workspace app for Chrome. Close the Web Store.

Configure Cisco AnyConnect:

  • Open the Control Center and select VPN. 
  • Click on the blue + sign next to Cisco AnyConnect. The AnyConnect dialogue box will appear. 
  • Select +Add New Connection. Give it a name (UMN VPN) and the server address is 
  • Save and close the dialogue box. 
  • In the Control Center click on VPN and on the UMN VPN connection. You will be prompted to login (you will only need to configure this one time): 
    • Group is AnyConnect-UofMSplit
    • Your InternetID and password. 
  • VPN requires DUO authentication.  UMN instructions if needed.

Configure Citrix workspace: 

  • Click on the Circle and select Citrix Workspace.
  • Enter in  You will be prompted to login with InternetID and password. 
  • Citrix Workspace also requires DUO authentication.  UMN instructions if needed.



Mon, 12/13/2021 - 10:31