University Storage

Connections to OIT File shares

You will need to be connected to UMN VPN when attempting to access these folders from off-campus.

R is for Research file shares; S is for Department file shares (faculty, areas, instruction). 

Accessing research file shares and special computing environments requires elevated access for your Internet ID.  To request elevated access to an existing lab file share or special resource for yourself or others, please submit a request using CLA Computing Resources Access Request Form  (click on ⇒REQUEST SERVICE in the upper right corner).

See here for more information about gaining access.

Although some users may have an H drive; OIT encourages the use of Google Drive for individual computing and so we are no longer creating new H drives except by request.

Directions to Connect to a Shared Drive or Network Folder using the addresses below

  • On a Mac:
    • R- smb://<faculty>_<file_share>
      You will need to mount each share separately and file shares with more than one word in the name use underscores _ instead of blanks.
    • S -  smb://
    • H - smb://
  • On a PC:
    The drives R and S drives should map on login.  Try restarting your machine.  If this does not work, you can use the following addresses to manually map them:
    • R - \\\UMN\CLA\Research
    • S - \\\cla-psycstat\psyc
    • H - \\\cla-psycstat\home\<account>

Directions to Connect to OIT Linux file shares

  • You will need to get the 'share name' from your lab manager or faculty adviser.




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