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For all UMN managed machines, there is a software application - called Software Center on PCs and Self Service on Macs - that allows you to install designated apps without having to contact OIT or login as an administrator.  

The apps available of special interest via Software Center/Self Service to Psychology include:

  • R and RStudio
  • SPSS
  • Matlab

If you have trouble installing these applications, please contact

Software is available through a variety of other channels at the University.  Below are some of the most applicable to Psychology but there are more listed at each link.  If you have questions about one available after reviewing the sources below, please contact Carla Bates or OIT at


  • Adobe Acrobat - UMN licensed software for UMN devices.  See Software Center.
  • MS Office - UMN licensed software for UMN devices.  See Software Center.
  • Qualtrics - UMN licensed web client that can be run from any device
  • SPSS - UMN licensed software for UMN devices.  See Software Center.

LATIS (CLA IT services)

  • full list on both Windows ( and Linux ( remote computing platform
    • Mathematica (remote only)
    • MatLab (remote and local on UMN owned devices)
    • MPlus (remote only)
    • Nvivo Plus (remote only)
    • R and RStudio (remote and freely available for install)
    • SAS (remote only)
    • SPSS (remote and see above)
    • STATA (remote only)
      • *Multiple neuroimaging software programs are available via compute.cla.  See below for accessing. 
      • **PLEASE NOTE:  data analysis jobs that need an higher performance computing environment than a desktop can be run very well on compute.cla  Thus, if you have a large dataset and/or want to run a job for an extended period of time, consider compute.cla.  See below for more information.
  • LATIS Qualtrics Tutorials


  • EPrime - a development environment used to create behavioral experiments - has two primary applications - EPrime Suite and EPrime Runtime.  
    • EPrime Suite must be installed on a PC and the PC  - needs to be on the wired network in Elliott Hall or one of a few other wired jacks on campus, some at the CMRR and in Psychiatry.  Contact Carla to ask about other locations. 
    • EPrime Runtime - is an app for running compiled EPrime experiments.  It can be run from a mobile device and will still have the millisecond precision, the hallmark of EPrime's adoption by research psychologists.

Free software



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