University Accounts & Access

Your internet ID

When you officially enter the UM system as a student or an employee, a unique Internet ID is created for you; your UMID will be associated with your email, payroll records, and course records.  It will allow you to access Google Drive, Training Hub, AD machines, VPN, Qualtrics, Box, and most of the other tools you will need for computing at the University.  

Research lab groups

Accessing research file shares and special computing environments require elevated access for your Internet ID.  To request elevated access to an existing lab file share or special resource for yourself or others, please submit a request using CLA Computing Resources Access Request Form  (click on ⇒REQUEST SERVICE in the upper right corner)

  • Provide the path to the fileshare location. Include if it is on ACTIVE DIRECTORY or LINUX.  Your adviser or lab manager will supply you with this information (e.g. cla_psyc_<faculty name>_<file share>)
  • Provide the name of the person who is the head of the lab, usually a faculty member or a lab manager. This person will need to approve your access.
  • Multiple people can be added with one form to multiple different file shares as long as only ONE approver is needed. 

This elevated access to all resources will be evaluated on a semi-annual basis.  

Make Me Admin

Make me Admin is an application that will allow users to use their Internet ID and password to temporarily elevate their privileges to an administrator on a specific computer.  This application can be installed on your computer by OIT if you have a business need.  See the Make Me Admin: Use Admin Rights for more information.

Access for others

Screenshot of UMN access options

If a visiting scholar, a graduated student, or an interested community member needs access to UM research file shares or computing environments, the U has provided some options for other Internet IDs. Faculty and staff can set up accounts for non-UMN colleagues or former students who are no longer active:  a UMN Sponsored Account.   

The person who wants to sponsor an individual can do so through the My-Account tool.  

Set-up a Sponsored Account.

NOTE:  A sponsored account will not give your colleague access to the library.  Library privileges for non-University people can be obtained by joining the Friends of the Library.  If you want your colleague to have a U Card along with the sponsored account, please see these instructions.

Leaving the UMN

Rules covering End of Life for all accounts.



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