How REP works

Students can review and sign up for active studies and reserve seats online by going to the main REP page, sign up for studies when researchers come to your class or at the bulletin board in Elliott Hall.

When students sign up online, they should receive a confirmation email. They will also have a record of the studies for which they have signed up. If they sign up in class, the researcher will need to create a seat for the student before a confirmation email will be sent.

Researchers are instructed to email a reminder the night before the session is scheduled. If the student can't participate, he or she should let the researcher know at that time.

Students can also confirm that REP points have been awarded by clicking on the "View Your REP point record" on the main REP page.

Students should keep a record of their REP participation that includes study number (very important!), researcher name and email. If there are any problems (for example, if points have not been awarded by the milestone dates given below) students should email the researcher. If the researcher doesn't respond, they should email Liza Meredith.

If a student shows up for a study and the researcher does not, he or she should get full points without needing to participate.