Pre-Award (Applying for External Funding)


  • To support the professional development of assistant professors and faculty shifting to a new area of research in grant writing for external funding.
  • To maintain and/or enhance the reputation of the Department of Psychology via scholarly excellence.


  1. Tenure-line faculty members can request a pre-grant submission review. The request, communicated in an email, should be sent to Psychology Department Chair, for approval. Contingent on yearly funding and the number of requests in a given year, priority will be granted to assistant professors. Since requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis, faculty are encouraged to submit requests well in advance of their grant submission deadline to better ensure available funding.
  2. The faculty member identifies a person external to the University who is willing to do the review. The reviewer should be someone who has recently served on an NIH, NSF, or another agency committee that is likely to review the faculty member’s grant application. The reviewer should provide written feedback on the grant application using the reviewer evaluation criteria that will be used by the agency to which the grant application will be submitted.
  3. The department will provide $500 for the review, which is communicated to the prospective reviewer by the faculty member as part of the invitation to do the review.
  4. Staff in the Chair’s Office will arrange to pay the reviewer once the faculty member receives the information/feedback requested and the faculty member informs the Chair’s Office.
  5. The faculty member keeps a record of all the material—the reviewer’s comments, the final version of the submitted grant, and the eventual outcome of the grant panel reviews—for internal evaluation by the department. The faculty member also agrees to provide this information when it is requested by the Chair.

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