Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) awards a fixed dollar amount to undergrad students to work with one of the department's faculty to further their goals and field of study by purchasing lab equipment or paying subject payments. 

When applying for a UROP award, you will need to know your department ID (Psychology | 10986) and the department accounting person (Kamran Motevaze | motev001@umn.edu). 

The department will designate the chartfield string (chartstring): 1000(Fund) - 10986(DeptID) - 20083(Program) - Student's Student ID(Empl ID)

This chart string will be used to charge expenses up to the award limit. 

Department procedure:

  • Anytime the award is expensed, a copy of the award letter should be included to document that the student did receive this award and they are allowed to expense it.
  • The award timeline is key to make sure funding has been spent and is on time with their award.  If more time is needed student needs to contact the UROP office and keep Psychology accounting informed of the extension. 
  • Department faculty may use his/her p-card to purchase supplies or request a cash advance in their name in case a student doesn't have a university job to request a cash advance on his/her behalf.
  • A cash advance must be closed once the study is completed (see Subject Payments)
  • Faculty using p-card for supplies/subject payment will use UROP student's assigned account string for his/her p-card reconciliation  
  • The accounting will keep a record of the awards and a spreadsheet of all the expenses spend during a given fiscal year for future reference. The student should not exceed the total award given to him/her as the department will collect overage spent from students by fiscal year-end a report is made by Psych accounting to get reimbursed for expenses spent by students during the given fiscal year. 


For more information on the types of awards, see the CLA Psychology website.

For questions not addressed or more information, please contact Donnie Wood or Kamran Motevaze.


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