• Questions relating to payroll should be directed to your designated accountant or your supervisor's designated accountant. 
  • Contact the proper people BEFORE hiring employees. For more information, see the "Hiring and Appointments" tab.
  • For individuals on sponsored accounts, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to approve appointments.
  • It is the employee’s responsibility to complete any I-9 requirements before beginning work. Failure to do so before start date will result in nonpayment. See I-9 rules, regulations, and guides.
  • See here for instructions on setting up Direct Deposit


See below for more information.

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All employees must report their days of leave (sick day, vacation day, etc.) by following the procedure below. If an employee is not able to take a step themselves, the supervisor must take care of it for them (example - submitting the online form for the employee the day of their absence).


  • Submit the online form (prior to leave)

P&A Staff


  • Report the day(s) to supervisor (prior to leave)
  • Submit vacation/sick time in MyU to be approved by your supervisor
  • Notify the Central Office by (prior to leave)

The Central Office will attach an out of office sign to your door if none already exists.

  • Labor Represented/Civil Service Staff: Submit an absence card to supervisor (throughout or after leave)

University of Minnesota Leave Policies:

All Employees
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Assistants
AFSCME, Civil Service
Postdoctoral Associates, Postdoctoral Fellows
P&A, Faculty
Contact (questions, to be placed on leave, etc.)
  • Lisa Keith - Staff Leaves
  • Missy Jones - Faculty Leaves


Benefits are not handled within the department.

Benefits depend on your type of appointment, if OHR describes benefits that don't fit what you think you should have, check with our accounting unit to make sure your appointment was entered correctly.

Hiring and Appointments

To Hire P&A, Civil Service, Labor-Represented, Temporary/Casual Employees

Contact Holley Locher ( | 612-625-7852 | N210 Elliott Hall). She will inform you on the University policies and guidelines for your hire and will be responsible for posting your job through CLA HR.

To Hire Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Contact your designated accountant. Information to include:

  • Student's Full Name
  • Student ID#
  • Start/end date
  • Job Classification
  • EFS account string
  • Hourly rate
  • Note: Undergraduate and Graduate students will have to be rehired each term (or every Summer and Academic if they're hired for a full Academic year).

For Faculty/Staff Appointments

  • Each term, Faculty and Staff should touch base with their designated accountant to ensure that their pay is set up correctly. 
  • Even if pay is coming only from the Department, please contact your accountant to ensure they know you haven't forgotten.

For more information see OHR Hiring Policies


All U.S. employers are required by law to verify the identity and work eligibility of their employees, whether U.S. citizens or not, by filing an Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9. The University uses the online version of Form I-9 and E-Verify.

It is important for the University to be in full compliance with the law by verifying the eligibility of every faculty or staff member as well as student workers. For the purposes of the I-9 process, an employee is any person who holds a job at the University of Minnesota for pay, even if the faculty, staff, or student worker requests their pay be waived, paid to another entity, or paid in a lump sum for their work.

At the University of Minnesota, faculty, staff, or student workers must have completed their Form I-9—both Sections 1 and 2—ON OR BEFORE THEIR FIRST DAY OF WORK.

The I-9 process will vary somewhat depending on whether the faculty, staff, or student worker is a:

  • U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident
  • Remote employee
  • Foreign national

I-9 Process for U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents

  • If you don't already have it, get confirmation of your hire via an offer letter
  • Complete Section 1
    • Go to
    • The Employer Name of Code is 13636
    • The location should be the College of Liberal Arts
    • For step by step instructions see here: I-9 Section 1 Guide
  • Complete Section 2
    • Provide originals (copies are not permitted) of required I-9 Documentation, see the list of approving documentation here
    • Contact Christy Campbell ( | 612-624-8021) to set up an appointment to verify your documentation here.

Remote Employees

When hiring a person to work in a remote location, the employer can designate an agent to carry out the employer's I-9 responsibilities. See instructions for more information on how the remote hire should complete the online I-9, or contact the Office of Human Resources (612-624-8647 or 800-756-2363).

Foreign National

International student and nonstudent employees can complete their I-9 and tax documents at Payroll Services in the Donhowe Building. For more information, see our I-9 Process for Foreign National Employees page.

If international faculty, staff, or student workers don't already have a Social Security number, they should apply for a number with the Social Security Administration before completing the I-9 process at Payroll Services. See Social Security Number Requirements for more information about applying for a Social Security number.

Guide for Completing Form I-9 for International Employees


Got more questions? See the I-9 FAQ

Terminating your Employment

  • Notify your immediate supervisor - a written communication addressing final work dates must be addressed. Please express your end date through the last working day rather than the termination day as the last working day is clearer.
  • Turn in your PCard to Donnie Wood or Kamran Motevaze for account closing.
  • If applicable ensure your final timecard is submitted online and let your supervisor know to approve it.
  • Turn in all University keys to the Central Office (N218 EltH).


To ensure timely and accurate reporting, it is very critical that timesheets are submitted promptly for each pay period. This is extremely important when reporting sponsored project expenses crossing fiscal periods and effort reporting period.

Only hourly and exception hourly employees need to submit timesheets

  • Hourly employees include undergraduate student research assistants and temp/casual workers.
  • Exception Hourly employees can include graduate student research assistants but it is less common.
  • If you don't know if you should be reporting time, ask your supervisor what type of appointment you have.

Time Submitters

  • To see and enter your time go to MyU, click into the "My Time" tab, and enter your hours including work breaks if necessary.
  • If working an 8 hour or more in a day, all employees are required to have a minimal 1/2 hour unpaid break. This must be reflected in the submitted timesheets.
  • Complete one timesheet per pay period.
  • Employees who submit timesheets must have their timesheets approved by their supervisor.
  • Ensure your hours add up - check/cross-check.
  • Timesheets must be submitted no later than Monday after the end of the pay period in order to be paid on time. Watch emails for early cutoffs as directed by the UMN Central Payroll.
  • For more information on submitting time, see Reporting Time Job Aid

Time Approvers

  • It is best practice to approve time on a weekly basis
  • Time approval can be found in MyU within the "Manager Info" tab
    • Click "Approve Time" and use the "Previous Week" and "Next Week" buttons to navigate to the correct week.
  • For step by step instructions to approve time, see Approving Time Job Aid


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