Estimating Points

How can I estimate how many REP points I need?

One REP point of credit is awarded for 30 minutes of participation (or any part thereof) in your study.

Note as of Fall 2013: In person studies in Elliott Hall, can compensate participants for travel time. Add 1 point to to the time it takes the participant to complete your study.

The REP system will calculate how many total points you need. You just provide the number of participants you want, how many points your study offers and how many minutes it will take participants.

If your study takes: minutes: points:
Up to 30 minutes 30 1
31 - 60 minutes 60 2
61 - 90 minutes 90 3
91 - 120 minutes 120 4
121 - 150 minutes 150 5
151 - 180 minutes 180 6
181 - 210 points 210 7
211 - 240 points 240 8

What you should not do (this text should be included on the "How can I estimate page" Please do not inflate the number of points by requesting more participants than you need or by inflating how long your study takes for an average participant to complete. The REP allocation process works when all players provide accurate estimates of their needs.