Applying for REP

1) Who can submit applications for REP projects?

All research done with REP is sponsored by the Faculty of the Department of Psychology. Department of Psychology Graduate students have automatic access to the REP system. Other researchers will need need to contact Liza Meredith to get access to the REP system.

Projects that offer cash to participants can recruit using the REP system.

2) Timing of applications and allocations

This semester, REP points will be allocated twice: once at the start of the semester, and again after week 6 of the semester. You can apply for REP points even if your project is still pending IRB approval,  All recruitment should be delayed until IRB approval is confirmed.


  applications open applications due allocations made & recruiting starts
Fall & Spring about a week before the start of the semester, 6th week of the semester first Friday of the semester, sixth Friday of the semester within one week of application deadline
Summer late May/early June first Friday of the semester Friday of the second week of the semester