Application FAQ


  1. Submit your application when applications are open. This semester, we will be having two open periods. 
    1. If your project is still pending IRB approval, indicate "pending" for the IRB number.
    2. If your study is a repeat from an earlier semester, you should submit a new application for the current semester. You can duplicate your previous one to update it for the new semester.
  2. Allocations are done for all applications.
  3. Your Faculty Sponsor will receive an email when your project is submitted. He or she will review the project and confirm online that he or she approves.
  4. When the Faculty approves and the IRB number is entered, the project will be approved for students.
  5. Toggle your project's status to "Active" for it to become visible to students.

You can check the status of your project with the three flags found at the right of your project in the REP system. The first flag indicates the project status. A red flag means the system is "not active." A green flag means it is "active." The second flag will be green after the Faculty sponsor has reviewed and approved. The third flag will be green when your project has administrative approval for students.

FAQ about the REP application: