Remote Teaching

Summer Webinars and Workshops (60 Minutes)

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Psychology Sharing: Tips and Material for Teaching Remotely

Psychology instructors and students, if you experience or discover something in remote teaching, or have materials others could benefit from, please email Silke <

Faculty talking about their experiences teaching online

Qualtrics Guide for Students

Attached is a Qualtrics experiment guide for students that was put together mostly by Melissa Sharpe, a former TA for Mark Stellmack's PSY 3001W course.  It is very well written, easy to follow, and covers a lot of what students want to do.

A New Way to "Get" Your Textbook

Nathaniel Helwig worked with the University Libraries to provide a library licensed copy of his textbook.  With one purchase, the Libraries provides unlimited access to all of his students each semester.  In addition, expert librarians introduced Nate to the wide range of additional content in our collections that now serve as both essential and supplemental materials for his class.  Library services for faculty and instructors

Summary of Online Course Evaluations (Psy 3001W students)

Mark Stellmack is sharing the results of the PSY 3001W Spring 2020 online course evaluations. How do students experience online teaching? What do they like/don't like? How many students participate in online lectures?

Example of Final Exam adjustment PSY 1001 

Liza Meredith replaced the PSY 1001 final multiple-choice exam by engaging students in a variety of assignment types. See the PSY 1001 Final Exam details

Connecting with students who have not been active in Canvas course

Marti Gonzales shared her experience reaching out to students with whom she had not connected since going remote.  Identifying student (in)activity and contacting students in Canvas: How do I send a message to students who have not been active in my Canvas course?

Student feedback questions regarding course format adjustments

Mark Stellmack is sharing his Example of Student Feedback Questions about transferring his course to teach remotely.

Online Campus Support Services for Students

Online Campus Support Services for instructors to add share with students (can be added to Canvas course), shared by Caprice Niccoli-Waller

Proctoring Online Exams (Proctorio)

If you consider using Proctorio for online exams, here instructions to set up a Proctorio Quiz in Canvas with recommended settings, provided by CBS

First Zoom Course Lecture: Exercises for students

Zoom Tech Check slides, shared by Cheryl Olman

Short Zoom YouTube's for students

Sharing Slides and Tablet/Stylus-writing on one screen in Zoom 

(Description specific for Apple products) shared by Niels Waller

- Open Zoom on a computer
- Share screen with an iPad (you need an apple pencil) (this is done through Screen Mirroring on the iPad)
- Open slides (uploaded to a class website)  in Safari
- Open Goodnote app  (a nifty writing app that recognizes apple pencil, free alternatives are DraftIt, SketchPad)
- Use Safari split screen mode on iPad
- Deliver lecture