• Questions relating to payroll should be directed to Kamran Motevaze at 626-8146, S250 Elliott Hall. Please contact Kamran BEFORE an individual begins his/her appointment.
  • For individuals on sponsored accounts, it is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator to approve appointments.
  • Employees who submit timesheets must have the timesheet signed by their supervisor.
  • Timesheets must be submitted to Kamran Motevaze in S252 Elliott Hall no later than Monday after the end of the pay period in order to be paid on time. It is the employee’s responsibility to complete any I9 requirements before beginning work. Failure to do so will result in nonpayment. See I-9 rules and regulations.


Terminating your Employment

Vacation/Sick Leave



Other Payroll Forms

Accounting Contacts

Terry Klosterman
Accounting Supervisor
S256 EltH - 626-7975

Kamran Motevaze
Senior Accountant
S252 EltH - 626-8146

Kristen Abernethy
Executive Accounts Specialist
S250 EltH - 624-4325