DATA News: August 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016 - 10:00am

Administrative Updates and Announcements

Emeritus Professor Irving Gottesman, a long time professor here at the University of Minnesota and Department of Psychology, passed away on the evening of Wednesday, June 29th. The College of Liberal Arts wrote a piece on Irv’s work and legacy titled, “Remembering Irving Gottesman” which can be found here.

Undergraduate students who are interested in RA positions have provided information about themselves including GPA, research interests, and completed coursework. The list of available RAs was completely updated in June, 2016 and is available to faculty and graduate students. Please contact Mark Stellmack ( to obtain the list.

Awards and Accomplishments

Professor Mark Snyderhas been appointed as the Oxford University Press USA Delegate for Psychology. The group of Delegates oversee policy for Oxford University Press and serve as stewards for its publishing programs. The Chief Executive of the Press is known by the traditional title of Secretary to the Delegates.


Congratulations to our recent Department of Psychology Ph. D graduates!

Chris Hulme-Lowe
Area: Quant
Advisor: Niels Waller
Dissertation: Regularized Marginal Maximum Likelihood: The Use of Shrinkage and Selection Operators for Item Parameter Estimation in the Two-Parameter Logistic Model

Rachael Grazioplene
Area: PIB
Advisor: Colin DeYoung
Dissertation: Personality, psychosis, and connectivity: Neuroimaging endophenotypes in the psychotic spectrum

Heather Scherschel
Area: Social
Advisor: Traci Mann
Dissertation: Can Chicken Noodle Soup Soothe the Rejected Soul?

Tyler Yost
Area: CAB
Advisor: Chad Marsolek
Dissertation: Meta-Analytic and Empirical Estimates of the Resource Depletion Effect Size

Andrew Poppe
Area: CSPR
Advisor: Angus MacDonald III
Dissertation: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Goal Maintenance in Schizophrenia: Activation, Functional Connectivity, and Reliability