Research/Travel Awards Administered by the Department of Psychology

David Campbell Graduate Research Fellowship

The David Campbell Graduate Research Fellowship Fund is designed to provide financial assistance to graduate students seeking a Ph.D. degree in Psychology, with priority given to supporting students who are attending international psychology workshops or conferences.  Applications are accepted twice yearly - in September for conferences taking place January 1 - June 30 and in late February for conferences taking place July 1 - December 31.  A call for applications will be emailed to students twice yearly.  Interested students should follow the application instructions within the email.

Graduate Student Research and Travel Award

The Graduate Student Research and Travel Awards are funded by the College of Liberal Arts.  Funds are awarded to students in good standing for psychology research expenses, or first author travel expenses incurred from presenting at psychology conferences or meetings.  Students are eligible for one research or travel award per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).  Funds are limited each year, and awards are based on the availability of funds at the time of application.

File File Application Form (docx)

Students must submit the following materials to Heidi Wolff:

Research Award
1.  Application
2.  Description of the research project, including justification for the requested budget (not to exceed two pages)
3.  Budget (page 2 of the application)
Please note, these funds are not intended to be used to pay undergraduate RAs.

Travel Award
1.  Application
2.  Notification that presentation has been accepted
3.  Abstract

- Students are encouraged to submit their application as early as they receive acceptance of their conference presentation.  Applications submitted less than two weeks prior to the first day of travel will not be accepted. 
- Students may only apply for travel funds for a conference or meeting in which they are the first author on the presentation.
- Students must apply for a single conference; the award may not be split between two conferences.  If the student wishes to change which conference the award is applied to after an award notice has been emailed to them, they must first send an email declining the original award.  The student must then submit a complete application for the new conference.  If the new application meets all the qualifications for approval, a new award notice will be sent.

Graduate Studies Contacts

Gordon Legge
Director of Graduate Studies
N257 EltH - 625-0846

Rachel Goeller
Associate Director of Graduate Studies
S258 EltH - 626-3483

Heidi Wolff
Student Support Services Assistant
S258 EltH - 624-5002