Clinical Science and Psychopathology Research


CSPR Handbook
Guide the CSPR Area

Practicum Handbook
Guide to Practicums including practicum site information


CSPR Program Calendar
All important CSPR dates (due dates & events) and will be posted here. Check back frequently.

Current Course Syllabi

PSY 8620: Clinical Psychology Practicum Syllabus
Syllabus includes contact information for instructor and mandatory meeting dates. This will be updated each semester.

PSY 8960: Clinical Psychology Fall Seminar Syllabus
Syllabus includes contact information for instructor and speaker presentation dates. This will be updated every year


David T. Lykken Travel Award Application
CSPR students in the Department of Psychology can apply for up to $750.00 toward the cost of travel to a scientific conference provided they are first author on a presentation at the meeting. Students can apply to this fund source more than once a year, and the funds are available in addition to other funding the student may receive.

Return documentation to: Amanda Suchy or CSPR's 2nd floor mailbox.

Norman and Edith Garmezy Fellowship Application
Any adult track psychology Ph.D. student who has published (or has in press) a peer-reviewed paper (as the first author) during the previous calendar year may apply. Students may apply and receive this fellowship in multiple years as long as they meet the requirements. The amount received will depend on how many students apply and qualify for the fellowship.

Return Documentation to: Amanda Suchy.


Submission and Approval for Sharing Internship Application Documents
If you would like to share your internship application essays and cover letter(s) with future cohorts of CSPR students, please upload those files here.

Shared Internship Application Documents
Submited documents to be shared by current and past internship applicants.

Note: To view the documents you must log in with your x.500.

Progress Evaluatioins

Annual Progress Evaluation Form
Used to evaluate CSPR student progress in the program

APA Competency Evaluation Form
Used to evaluate CSPR student progress on APA Competencies

Mid-Year Progress Report
Used to evaluate CSPR first-year students' progress through the first year of the program

Student Status Update
Used at the time of mid-year progress reports to update the clinical office of students' progress beyond the first year of the program.


Practicum Request Link
Used to receive approval for student's practicum site and to be issued a permission number
Note: This form must be completed for every site students participate with and must be completed every term.

Practicum Evaluation Form
Used by practicum supervisors to complete to evaluate student performance at the site every term.

Practicum Site Evaluation Survey
Used by students to evaluate and share their experiences at practicum sites.

Practicum Site Evaluation Survey (Responses)
Responses from the Practicum Site Evaluation Survey
Note: To view the survey responses you must log in with your x.500.


N423/N450 Room Reservation Request
Used by anyone who would like to reserve N423 or N450 for a meeting.

Suggestion, Comment, Complaint Form
This is a digital version of our comment box that is located outside N418.

CSPR Contacts

Robert Krueger
Director of Clinical Training
N414 EltH - 626-8541

Shmuel Lissek
Associate Director of Practicum & Internship Placements
N416 EltH - 626-9918

Amanda Suchy
Administrative Aide
N420 EltH - 625-2546

Gordon Legge
Director of Graduate Studies
N257 EltH - 625-0846

Associate Director of Graduate Studies