Guidelines & Templates

Guidelines & Templates


We are currently developing a departmental style guide.  This will include a set of departmental colors for a theme.  These colors are used in all our templates.



Have news or events you would like spread around?  Email  Depending on what you send, your news can feed the UMN Events Calendar, DATA, BrainWave, social media, the digital display, and more. Your email does not need to be formatted in any particular way. All emails will be reviewed and distributed to the appropriate feeds.

Talks/Presentations/Colloquiums to be Recorded

For any of our events to be recorded, we need a speaker release signed.  Along with this information, please ask the speaker for the preference on who should be able to view their talk (UMN only, public, etc).


Hold meetings, office hours, study groups, and webinars online.

Advanced Resources

CLA Profile

CLA Profile

The Department links to the profiles of each of our graduate students, faculty, and staff (if applicable) on the department website. As one of the best programs in the nation, our site receives a lot of traffic. Your profile will be as good as you make it!

To edit your CLA profile:

  • Go to the CLA directory profile page
  • Click on "Edit my profile" in the top right-hand corner
  • Your bio goes in the "Narrative" section
  • "Publications" Section
    • When adding new publications you can enter every piece of information in the cells to standard format or
    • You can go to the bottom of the page to override the format and paste in your citation.
  • If you would like to add a picture to your profile and you would like a headshot photo, please schedule a 5-10 min appointment with Silke Moeller (
  • Only use professional-looking, good resolution headshots.
  • Feel free to add any additional information.

Note: If you get an error message saying that “you do not have a profile to edit” you can submit a profile request to

Finally, once you have completed your CLA profile, let Amanda Schmit ( know, and we will have it linked to your name on our departmental roster! 

Recorded Talks

Recorded Talks






Presentation Resources

Communication Contacts

Amanda Schmit
Office & Communications Manager
N218 EltH - 625-2546

Flora Pollack
Communications Student Assistant
N218 EltH