Staff Awards


The Staff Spotlight is a way for members of the department to recognize a staff member for excellent performance in real time.  Students, staff, or faculty may submit a Spotlight by filling out the electronic submission form below.  The committee will then share each submission with the staff member and their supervisor.  Additionally, each quarter, staff members who received a Spotlight in the previous three months will be chosen at random to receive a small token of appreciation from the department.  A congratulations to the staff member selected will be included in the DATA newsletter, along with details from the submission.


Submission Form



Nomination and Award Guidelines


The Psychology Staff Excellence Award recognizes staff who have demonstrated excellence and professionalism in their overall performance and who have made meaningful contributions to their unit and/or the Department of Psychology.


Those eligible are Department of Psychology permanent staff members with appointments of 75% or greater. Nominees must have been employed in the Department of Psychology within the past 12 months. Staff members who have been awarded a college-level award (e.g., Outstanding Service Award) are ineligible for this award until 1 year has passed. Also, winners of this award remain ineligible for subsequent nomination until 5 years have passed. Consider nominating individuals who would also shine at the College and/or University level.

Nomination Process

A primary nomination letter and at least one letter of support are required to nominate a staff member for this award. One of the nominators must be the nominee’s direct supervisor. No more than three total letters will be accepted for a single nominee. If a nominee lacks the required support, the nominee will be ineligible to win.

If necessary, the Staff Recognition Committee may request further information from the nominee or department before a final decision is made.

Evaluation​ ​Criteria

A successful nomination will document how the achievements of the nominee meet the criteria of the award. Letters should provide evidence of one or more of the following criteria:

  • Extraordinary contributions to their unit and/or the Department, in addition to routine duties;
  • High professional standards;
  • Excellence in their positions while promoting and supporting the work of their unit and/or the Department;
  • Excellence in leadership, innovation, and/or problem solving abilities; and,
  • Advancing the mission, vision, and goals of the unit and/or the Department.

Nomination Deadline

Nominations are due via email to Holley Locher no later than March 15, 2019. For further information, please contact Holley Locher at or 612-625-7852.

Selection Process

The Staff Recognition Committee will review nominations and send its award recommendations to the Chair for approval in late March. Two award winners will be selected each year. Winners will be announced in April.




Jeff Simpson
N210 EltH - 626-3171

Stephen Engel
Associate Chair
S249 EltH - 625-5571

Rich Lee
Associate Chair
N563 EltH - 625-6357

Holley Locher
Chief of Staff
N210 EltH - 625-7852

Missy Jones
Assistant to the Chair
S248 EltH - 626-3171

Lisa Keith
Executive Office and Administrative Specialist
N210 EltH - 624-5089